gael bonnel sanchez

After an early ending of a professional football career in objective to pursue his passion of cinema and specialy of production and entrepreneurship. Gaël BONNEL SANCHEZ started working for one of the most famous and reputable international television productions, Endemol (Big Brother, Star Academy, 1 vs 100, A prendre ou à laisser).

After many years of experience there his curiosity leads him to learn different crafts of television. 7 years climbing on career ladders on television brought him to creation of his own film and TV production “BSP Pictures” with his partner Serge Patrice.

As a young producer, Gaël will launch in preproduction first feature innovative movie in virtual reality. One of the first movies sensation shot entirely in 360 degrees where the viewer is in total immersion and could take part in the story.
However, he does not forget a more classical cinema but will accept only innovative projects.

Among those, an ambitious feature film just completed in collaboration with his partner Harry Roselmack; it will be soon on screen.

2016/2017 are pretty artistically loaded : a horror / thriller international movie with international cast is already in preparation.

TV side, two programs (one for beauty contest and the other one is about extreme sports) are being finalized with diffuser for one of the main Bulgarian TV channels. Also ready to be exported abroad.

Entrepreneur in the soul, during the shooting of his movie in Bulgaria in Nu Boyana film studios, Gaël had an idea to develop a luxury and ultra premium vodka with a surprising naturally caviar flavor.

This vodka Black G is the first vodka with natural taste of caviar in history and from the begining it has a success.
In fact, in only a few months, his company value estimates several millions of Euros thanks to an investor and savvy businessman that became a partner, Sylvain Bonnet.

Already out of stock in the most trendy spots of the French Riviera.

Traveling between France and Bulgaria, he did not forget other countries such as Russia, China and the United States, where he hopes expanding his luxurious product.

“Having an insatiable appetite for business and art, the common denominator of the activities in which i am working on is production. Whether producing a movie, a TV show or an exceptional vodka, my only rule is to perform its with passion, associated with the artistic side, share with people around the world and accompany by all the people I love”


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